Solved! Google Forms + Google Analytics = Goals & Submit Events Tracking

How to track Google Forms submit events with Google Analytics

I use Google Forms on my site to take orders from clients.

Traffic statistics are collected using Google Analytics. I also use AdWords to drive more traffic to my site. I configured goals in Google Analytics and use them for conversion tracking, analysis, and optimization.

I really wanted to have the possibility to track the order form submission event using Google Analytics.

Google does not let you, in Google Froms, to use your own “thank you” page or redirect the user to another page after the form is submitted.

I found an elegant solution for this problem (a script).

The idea behind the solution is as follows: before a Google form is displayed on your site in a frame, it is processed by a special script that downloads it from Google, injects Google Analytics code and adds an event handler for the onsubmit event with trackEvent or trackPageview calls.

I have lots of forms and I wouldn’t like to change the page code too much. Form editing, styles, validation, and a thank you page – everything remains intact, but the script now allows you to track the submission of the form by the user. I just need to specify the following parameters: Google Analytics identifier, target URL, and form identifier.

Here is how I used to implement a form on my site before:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

And here’s how I do it now:

<iframe src="/form.php?formkey=FORMKEY"</iframe>

As you see, it’s really easy. form.php is the script that adds the necessary code to the form to track form submission using Google Analytics.

I will sell the script “as is” for $25 (no support or consultations, just the script and a small configuration instruction, 24 hour money back guarantee).

You can pay by credit card or PayPal. As soon as I get your payment, I will send a ZIP archive with the script to your email address.

The script is written in PHP. You will need access to your hosting to upload the script file to the server.

Why should you buy the script?

Order Now! (24 hours money back guarantee)


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